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Earth’s most positive brand.

iloveuGIFTS is about living life to the fullest now with presents filled with love and sentimental value.

iloveuGIFTS is a brand full of deep positive meaning, which make the perfect presents. Never has so much thought and passion gone into making a brand for the spirit of giving. We could have called it Christmas, but that name was taken; plus, we wanted it to be year-round.

We to help you find PERFECT PRESENTS, even if not from us.

It is not easy to find the perfect presents. Every year, “u&i” buy gifts on special occasions for our loved ones and spend countless hours researching, shopping, surfing, and standing in lines. There is an infinite number of brands to choose from, but none of them were created for the purpose of being the perfect brand for presents. “u&i” want something that says “I love you”, celebrates the relationship, shows the care with personalized sentimental value, and just makes the world a better and more positive place.


“i love u” sign – (says “I love you”)


“u&i are 1” symbol (celebrates the relationship)


“u&i” gift tag/care label (personalized and lasting reminder)


“all of u&i” flower patch (kind charitable world community)

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