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iloveu GIFT Double Meanings

Thank you for taking the time to stop by to find out about iloveu GIFT Double Meanings. As Earth’s most positive brand it is indeed a pleasure to fill you in on what iloveu GIFT Double Meanings are about. They are completely filled with sweetness and positive energy that will delight you immensely.

Firstly, by living for the PRESENT rather than yesterday or tomorrow, and believing strongly in doing what we can do today as yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain to us all, we invest our time into helping you find the PERFECT PRESENTS. Filled with love and sentimental value, they truly convey your emotions.

Secondly, we celebrate ‘U’ and ‘I’. Look at the ‘I love You’ sign made with your fingers. Do you see the ‘U’ and ‘I’? That’s the ‘U’ and ‘I’ we celebrate every step of the way!

Thirdly, we recognize that finding the perfect present takes L.U.C.K. (Love, Unity, Caring and Kindness). With LOVE we urge people to LOVE in the PRESENT and ask that their PRESENTS are expressions of LOVE. We value UNITY and celebrate the relationships between the ‘U’ (gift-recipient) and ‘I’ (gift-giver).  In CARING, gift tags and care labels provides a personalized touch and forever reminds the recipient of your PRESENT and your CARING. In addition to these, our focus on KINDNESS is symbolic of the value we place on kind, charitable acts and living together as a world community. Can you see now why finding the perfect present takes L.U.C.K? Surely you can!

Revel in the sweetness and positive energy which are yours to savour!

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