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Our Story

There is no iloveuGIFTS without “u” and “i”, so the story of iloveuGIFTS began when “u” and “i” were born. u, “i” assume was born on Earth somewhere. For me, “i” was delivered right in the middle of the United States.

saying “I love you” – first girlfriend
“i” moved to Houston, TX where “i” met my first girlfriend. She really changed my life, and made me so happy. “i” was really in love, and so in my love letters to her, “i” came up with UNIR1, which stood for “you and i are one” (couple).

showing love with gift – mother
Growing up, we did not have much money and “i” remember going with my mom and sister to shop for used clothes. It was around that time that my mother starting having kidney problems, she was often really tired and had to take a lot of medication. She was so kind and fragile, we never knew how long she would be with us, and every day with her was just a blessing. She was in and out of the hospital a lot. One day, “i” got the news that she was extremely sick; “i” got on the first flight “i” could, she was still conscious when “i” arrived and “i” was so happy to have shared with her that “i” had just designed a cool new meaningful symbol, the 1st version of the u/i logo. Tragically, lost consciousness a few days later and passed away soon after that. This was the last picture we ever had together, it is also the happiest and biggest smile. “i” placed the unir1 to symbolize that she would always be a part of me, we would always be family. She was the first person “i” gave this as a gift, and the present still rests with her today.

adding lasting sentimental value – friends and family
For many years, “i” made samples in the USA and in Vietnam, trying to refine and share. One day a couple of years ago, with a gift from me nephews and nieces, it hit me, how the gift could be so much more meaningful. they gave me a cup, but not just any ol’ cup. it had my name on it, a heart to tell me they love me, and their initials. Around the same time, my brother got me a much more expensive tablet. for some reason, “i” cherished the cup so much more and would dive to save it if “i” ever saw it falling. That is when “i” added the i

making the world a beautify place – father & charity
My dad is a real-life super hero. Not only did he raise us and take care of my mom, he’s a Catholic deacon and has been active in charity. “i” have been helping him on medical missions to Vietnam, and he inspired me to add the last component, the flower patch, people coming together to do something beautiful like charity.