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Have you been wondering what makes the perfect presents? Consider yourself as being very lucky as we are very happy to tell you what is! It is L.U.C.K which rePRESENTS those PRESENTS that are filled with LOVE, UNITY, CARING and KINDNESS.

Above all we do not give gifts because we feel compelled to but because we want to. Love, we can all agree, is a way of life and giving PRESENTS in the PRESENT are expressions of that love. Giving PRESENTS are an act of KINDNESS that shows you the recipient of your gift that you CARE.

Ideally at iloveuGIFTS we strongly believe in personalized gifts between ‘’I” (the gift giver) and “u’ (the gift recipient). While they bring people together, essentially they strengthen relationships and the bonds people share, because they provide the personal touch and show the extra effort

Our PRESENT to you is that this is our area of expertise because we help you find PRESENTS to make your special occasions more memorable, more meaningful and more exciting. Our PRESENT is that our brand is filled with deep positive meaning, which makes the perfect presents. Ask yourself, what would he/ she like? Or what would he/ she want and what can I gift him/her to say, ‘Thank you for being in my life!’ or ‘Thank you for being you, you are my dream come true!’ and express it fully?

As you search for those gifts of L.U.C.K. trust that you are already on the right path. Visit us at and

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